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Retailing Works, LLC is an established Sales and Marketing company specializing in representation to Sam’s Club and Walmart. We are “students” of the Sam’s Club/Walmart systems and proficient at guiding clients through the process of introduction, presentation and implementation. Often this requires a Product, Pricing and Packaging strategy different from what has been developed for the industry. If this is the case for your company, you will find our counsel very valuable.

Our Mission

Our mission is too provide you with the marketing direction necessary to create and present outstanding products to Walmart and Sam’s Club buyers. While our plans can be tailored to many different retailers, our focus is on the largest retailer in the world.

Candid Approach

Retailing Works prides itself in understanding and accomplishing your objectives using resourceful and effective techniques. We are candid in our approach and focus on the positive as well as the negative features of your products.

Strategic Panning

By focusing on both aspects, we better prepare you with a successful strategy specific to Sam’s Club and Walmart standards which are unique to the industry. We will provide you with the necessary tools to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with Sam’s Club and Walmart management.

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Project Consulting

This consists of a proven three-step process where you may choose the services that will achieve your objectives. If you feel, you have the resources and/or knowledge to take over the process at any stage we will work with you to provide a seamless transition.

Validation of Product



On-Site Consulting Services

This involves visiting with you and your staff at your place of business. On-Site Consulting may or may not be a part of the Project Consulting. This service offers you leadership on how to organize an approach for selling to Walmart and/or Sam’s Club. This will involve various strategies and will be tailor-made for your business and specific product. Rates are quoted on a per-day basis.

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Rich History

Retailing Works has a rich history dating back to 1979.

The Story Continues

In 1990 In-Store Service, Inc. was former, employing nearly 400 service people calling on 500 retail locations. Complete store servicing was performed in all 132 Venture Stores, 4 Divisions of Wal-Mart Stores and various other retail locations throughout the Midwest. In 2003 Retailing Works was formed and the office in Bentonville followed in 2011. With a talented team of individuals working together, Retailing works is always ready for the next big thing and looks forward to many more years with clients like you.

Robert E. Muenz


Robert E. Muenz co-founded Kettler Muenz & Young, Inc., Manufacturer’s Representatives in 1979. He was its President/CEO until 2003 when he sold his majority ownership of the business to his partners. The company grew from sales of $500,000 annually in 1979 to $35,000,000 at its peak. KMY covered 5 Midwestern states. Representation was focused on Major Consumer Brands and included Bissell Floorcare, Clairol Personal Care, Conair Hair Care Products, Lodge Cookware, Magnolia Plumbing Products, Melitta Coffee Appliances, Nordicware Cookware, Oneida Silversmiths, Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware, Pollenex Healthcare, Remington Personal Care Products, SEI Furniture, Schick Shavers, Sunbeam-Oster Home Appliances and Weber-Stephen Outdoor Grills.

Matt E. Muenz


Matthew E. Muenz recently joined the “family business” permanently from a successful selling background. For many years Matt has been involved with business on a small basis. He was immediately “indoctrinated” by working at a client’s manufacturing operation where he learned how products were made and how they eventually found their way to the retailer’s shelf. Previously, he was responsible for 65% growth of his prior company, a retail lighting business, where he was Partner, VP, Business Development and Operations for 5 years. He managed all aspects of this business including selling and bidding projects. Prior, he held management positions with United Parcel Service.

Ed Lockhart


Ed Lockhart has joined Retworks in Dec, 2014 and will be based out of their Bentonville office. Ed spent 20+ years with Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Sam’s Club International in South America. Ed was fortunate enough to work in a variety of roles in the company, including working in the field in the Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs, and also in the corporate offices for Walmart and Sam’s clubs based in Bentonville. Healso lived in Brazil and helped Sam’s for several years when they made their entry into Brazil. In the 10 years since leaving Sam’s, Ed has helped various companies gain entrance, and grow their business with Sam’s Club and Walmart. We appreciate his understanding of not only the buying/merchandising processes, but how it relates to execution inthe stores and clubs. We welcome Ed to the team.

Our Pallets

Take a look at some of the current pallets we have showcased at Sams Club.


Cuisinart Coffee Maker


Cuisinart Classic Stainless Cookware


Cuisinart Classic Ceramic Non-Stick


Waring Waffle Maker


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